Your Living Christmas Tree Is Most Likely Crawling With Bugs

Christmastime is a favorite time of year for many people. You get to spend time with friends and family, eat delicious food, and turn your home into a magical little wonderland for a while. It’s pretty great!

Except when your magical wonderland gets invaded by gross, uninvited guests. And we’re not talking about that weird branch of the family. We’re talking about bugs.

Many people don’t think bugs are an issue in the winter, but they definitely can be. After all, it’s cold out, and so bugs are looking for a nice warm place to camp.

What’s more, tree-dwelling insects will go dormant in the cold, kind of like hibernating, but once they’re inside your warm living room, they come back to life.

Plus, bugs have a nasty knack for turning up just about anywhere, no matter how bizarre.

If you have a fake tree, you probably don’t need to worry about insects too much (although it’s a good idea to check, just in case) — but if you prefer the piney scent of the real deal, it’s a good idea to know what to look for, and how to deal with the issue.

[H/T: Realtor, Good Housekeeping]

Buying a Christmas tree is a beloved tradition for thousands of families, and there’s something nice about having a real pine tree in your home. It smells nice, and it’s so pretty.

But, as parts of nature, it also means they can double as homes for a number of types of insects, many of whom will be dormant in the cold but will happily come to life in the warmth of your living room.

Aphids, which are small black or brown bugs, are some of the most common offenders.

Other insects include scale insects, bark beetles, psocids, and mites.

Don’t see any bugs? Keep an eye out for other signs of their presence, like feeding trails, eggs, or burrows.

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