Your Blood Type Reveals Much About Your Health

Our blood type is genetically predisposed, we inherit it from our parents and this is a known fact. We could be one of four blood type groups A, B, AB and O and two Rh factors, positive and negative and even though we don’t think much of our blood type it can play a major role in our overall health condition. For example it has been discovered that women belonging to blood type A are more fertile but have a higher risk of developing stomach cancer. People with a blood type O don’t have to worry about heart attacks but can suffer from high blood pressure while those with blood type B are prone to pancreatic cancer.

It was Dr.Otto Rehe, a Nazi doctor, who first showed interest in blood type groups and how they differentiate us from people belonging to another blood type group. He said that since blood type A s common for the Arian race they are superior to the people belonging to blood type B. This is exactly one of the reasons why no one has paid much attention to the importance of blood type groups and the role they play in our overall health. However, lately there is a growing interest on the subject and numerous researches are being conducted determining the health advantages and disadvantages of every blood type group.

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