While In Line At Walmart, Stranger Says Her Son Is Repulsive. Her Response Is Perfect


Even though the world has progressed a lot in the last few hundred years, ignorance is still around every corner. It seems to be a constant battle of light against darkness. When people don’t know something or don’t understand it, they are usually afraid of it or hateful or contemptuous. When someone takes a moment to look at something from another person’s perspective, they’ll realize that they can relate to it.

Just recently, young mom Dallas Fowler was in the check-out line at her local Walmart when she came across ignorance face to face.

Fowler realized that her 2-year-old son Jameus wanted a little hug, so doing what any mom would do, she picked him up and gave him a quick cuddle. During the hug, the boy’s shirt lifted up revealing his colostomy bags – and the customer behind Fowler in line had a fit…

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