When They Looked Into A Manhole, They Definitely Didn’t Expect To Find This

They Peeked Inside A Manhole And What They Saw Was Totally Unexpected

If you ever snuck around your grandmother’s house as a kid searching for secret rooms, this art installation is about to send you on a trip back in time.

As children, we were regularly confronted with the fact that our superhero parents knew everything and we knew painfully little…about anything, really. That could be why the prospect of finding secret chambers and passageways was so appealing — an attempt at one-upmanship, if you will. Knowing something Mom and Dad didn’t was always satisfying.

And that fascination with secrecy never really goes away, which has probably contributed to the buzz surrounding this project by Italian urban artist Biancoshock.

Although the series may bring up feelings of nostalgia, Biancoshock started his “Borderlife” project to comment on something far more serious.

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