Warning Signs Hormones Are Affecting Your Body Shape Making You Gain Weight

Despite the fancy, revolutionary diets we continue to try and the newfangled exercise routines we experiment with, nothing seems to work to get us to that “perfect” body type. This failure to change our most undesirable body parts isn’t due to lack of effort – it’s actually because not all bodies are created equally!

In fact, there are four main different figure types that are all shaped by the hormones inside our bodies.

Once you can determine which body type group you belong to, the diets and exercise routines that you’ve tried in the past will fall by the wayside and you’ll be left with advice that will actually make a difference for your specific problems. So now it’s time to see what body type matches you and how to your most frustrating problems!

Adrenal Body Type

In every person’s body there are two adrenal glands – one on top of each kidney. These glands are extremely important to our bodies and help defend them from debilitating complications and overwhelming stress!

When working correctly, the hormones these glands produce can lower blood pressure and sugar, as well as increase our energy! But when working on overdrive too long (when we’re faced with ongoing, constant stress) this hormone actually begins to protect our vital organs by storing extra fat around our midsection! That’s why those with this type of body type experience belly buildup!

Once the glands themself become wore down and tired, they can no longer handle the accumulating stress and will cause your mind to suffer, along with your body! This exhaustion of the adrenal gland means less stress, more worrying, increased “brain fog” and, as we mentioned earlier, even more weight gain.


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