Video: If I Ever Played A Prank Like This On My Wife, I’d Be Divorced. How Embarrassing


When her boyfriend tells her that he will be taking her on a vacation, her first reaction is pure excitement. Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while, and going to the beach has got to be one of the most relaxing and re-energizing vacations available on earth.

But within seconds of hearing about the vacation, the unknowing girlfriend walks straight into an awful prank.

Watch the woman’s heartbreak unfold on camera as the serial prankster gets one up on her once again…

The cruel footage can be too much for some viewers to watch. When the young woman first comes back, she complains about a tough day. But things seem to take an positive turn when her significant other promises her that he will “make her feel better” by taking her on vacation.

She then opens a package and finds a bikini inside. He then gives her a promise that he’ll whisk her away on a luxury vacation.

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