VIDEO: As Soon As THIS Aired On QVC, They Immediately Got Thousands Of Angry Calls…


When two voluptuous women paraded around in their underwear, thousands called and asked, “Do the models come with the Spandex?”

The 10-minute clip attracted more than 960,000 viewers as soon as it was shared on YouTube. But people aren’t interested in the tight-fitting underwear, but the two curvaceous women underneath…

Viewers were stunned by the full-figured runway models believed to be Sammi Marsh and Deborah Ann Gaetano. As they paraded around in the pastel-colored vests and tiny briefs.

The video begins with the models staring with passion into the camera. They stand at the end of the catwalk.

Seconds later, they strut toward the audience flaunting the new body control garments.

The underwear helps women shape their bodies and was released under European label Vercella Vita. Pieces cost upwards of $50.

Viewers were shocked by the constant close-up of the models.

“Goodness me they are gorgeous,” said one while another added, “They are both quite gorgeous.”

During the scene at the 2-minute mark, the assistant runs her hand against along the seams of the model’s bra.

Watch the entire video below.

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