udges are flabbergasted when she turns around and perfectly reads each of their minds


A group of proclaimed mind-readers called The Clairvoyants define what it really means to be psychic! The Clairvoyants consist of Emily and Tommy. two magicians who perform acts of mentalism on stage, which are acts that appear so impossible that there must exist a sixth sense as “mind reading”.

In this latest show on America’s Got Talent, The Clairvoyants perform a series of unbelievable tricks that appear to control the minds of the judges.

Shareably #69Source: YouTube/America’s Got Talent

The first act begins with Emily standing across from the judges on stage, facing the opposite direction from the judges. In front of her is a chalkboard covered by a large red curtain. Tommy, who is holding a bowl of jellybeans, stands right next to the judges, and begins giving the judges a set of instructions to follow. First, he asks Simon, one of the judges, to pick a random jellybean. Simon does so, and Tommy takes it from him and proceeds to eat the jellybean. As Tommy chews away, Emily brings her hand to her mouth, and appears to be tasting the same thing Tommy is tasting. “Sweet, tastes like berry, and it is the purple one(.)”, says Emily. She was right, and Simon confusingly nods his head in agreement.

Shareably #68Source: YouTube/America’s Got Talent

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