This Ridiculous Bear Sleeping Bag Will Let You Hibernate Anywhere You Damn Please

Have you ever just wanted to just pack up your crap, curl up into a ball under the blankets and hibernate through winter like a bear would? If you’re anything like I am with the cold it’s been a fleeting thought at least once in your life, and now thanks to this nifty little invention that looks like a bear but is in actuality a massive sleeping bag for you to fit inside of!


What’s even better than a single person sleeping bag than a two person sleeping bag? They’ve now begun production on another project that can comfortably fit two people in one of the comfiest bags out there, not to mention the warmest!


Sleeping like a bear doesn’t necessarily come cheap however, with just one of these costing $2,350 it can still seem like leagues away from the sleeping bags the average person can afford, but that won’t always be true!

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