This is What the Ideal Woman’s Body Looks Like, According to Science


Most people would refer to her as “plump.” That’s what talent scouts said when Brook first tried to break into the modeling world.

But, according to scientists, Brook’s all-natural body is perfect in terms of attractiveness.

And what makes attractiveness so important, you ask? Well, it signifies the most important trait a human can have, scientifically speaking – fertility.

After all, the primary function of individuals in any species is to support future generations – a full figure communicates one’s efficiency at doing just that through not only pregnancy but feeding as well.

Men are attracted to women whose facial and body characteristics – like Kelly Brook’s – are associated with youth and good health.

Image: Kelly Brook, Facebook

This attraction transcends culture. Studies have shown that even when two men come from entirely different backgrounds, they will likely be attracted to the same woman with more youthful, healthy characteristics.

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