This is the cyst pop to end all cyst pops, it’s the size of an apple and extra gooey

Cysts are nasty little things that can usually be taken care of with a little bit of squeezing and a little bit of popping, but every once in a while it takes a bit more than just that.

Take the cyst in the video below for example, this monster is about the size of an apple, and when they finally pop the thing what comes out looks like a massive pile of dog crap, and I’ll bet it smells like it too. It starts off with just a little bump of gunk until the flood gates release and it seems as though it would never stop; even when they wipe away the main chunk even more puss just keeps pouring out!

If you’re about to sit down for a nice meal you might want to consider waiting until it’s all settled in your stomach before you hit play…

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