This Is The Craziest Birthing Video You’ll Ever Watch

There is no clickbait about it: this is seriously the most unbelievable birthing video I’ve ever seen.

It starts with a crisis. The hospital is beyond busy. Everyone needs the doctor at once. You know, like always. Distressed, the doctor hears a woman “howl” in pain and knows she needs assistance now. She’s pregnant.

Have you ever been in one of these sticky situations? Where you’re being pulled in several directions and don’t know where to turn?

Some experience this on a much more frequent basis than others.

Those people can really relate.

Those are the people who know a thing or two about interventions.

Some people will call this a miracle. Some will say the world works in mysterious ways…

Others? They’ll flat out deny the possibility.

Yes, what happened is actually that amazing.

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