This Guy’s DIY Air Conditioner Is All You’ll Need To Stay Cool This Summer

Had enough of the extreme summer heat? Well, here’s a wonderful, inexpensive way to cool down.

Two years ago, YouTuber desertsun02 posted this video on his channel and the view count still keeps on soaring until now. In fact, the clip now has about 5,765,931 views as of this writing.

Anyway, in the said video, desertsun02 shows us how to create a DIY air conditioner using a simple cooler plus several other items. This way, you will be able to enjoy a cooler room without having to buy an AC or spend big on your electric bill.

YouTuber desertsun02 created an awesome DIY air conditioner using an old cooler.

diy air conditioner 2

Source: desertsun02

This unique air conditioner is truly easy to make and unexpectedly very effective. According to the video description, this “homemade AC air cooling unit produces very cold air”.

To make this DIY project, you will need an “ice chest (hard-sided or styrofoam), PVC pipe, small fan and ice.” If you have a small solar panel, then you can use that too, although desertsun02 says it is completely optional.

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