This Eight Week Old Baby Grew A Hilarious Bouffant Hairdo

Most of us have at least a few baby pictures that are pretty funny (usually due to the way our parents dressed us), but they’re nothing compared the the one’s this little tot is going to have when he grows up. Junior is the eight week old son of Chelsea Noon, and although he’s the third addition to the family, he’s already attracted a ton of attention as a result of his shocking head of hair. While most of us have been trying our whole lives to get thick, luscious hair, this little guy grew his unbelievably thick bouffant mane in under two months! I don’t know about you, but I’m jealous…

He’s earned the nick name ‘Baby Bear’…I’m sure you can guess why

He's earned the nick name 'Baby Bear'...I'm sure you can guess why
via David Hill / Daily Mirror

According to his mom he also has a second nickname…

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