They Saw A Fawn Lying Motionless On The Road, When They Looked Closer…OMG

Image Credit: Steve Knoop / YouTube

Finding a deer with your car can sometimes mean costly repairs or serious injury, but Steven Knoop had an encounter that you will hardly believe. As he was driving along in his truck, he and some friends had to swerve to miss a fawn laying in the middle of the road. Stopping and getting out, they confirmed their suspicions; the fawn was still alive.

As a fawn, deer rely on their spots on camouflage to keep them safe, and learn to hide by holding very still on the ground, even if danger is near. So this fawn lets the men approach him and even pick him up. Soon after he got to the side of the road, however, his flight instinct kicks in and he high-tails it for the woods and safer territory.

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