They Said Hydrogen Peroxide Was Great, But They didn’t tell You This

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In case of cuts and bleeding wounds, we have all been taught to use hydrogen peroxide. It is also known to be good for disinfecting skin in both adults and children.

However, you may have not heard that hydrogen peroxide has plenty of other uses, aside from these? Hydrogen peroxide’s chemical formula is H2O2 and when pure, it is transparent and very water-like.

Although it looks like water, hydrogen peroxide is much more different in content and is richer in oxygen.  If brought to a boiling point, hydrogen peroxide is bound to explode.

In households around the world, a milder and more diluted version of hydrogen peroxide is used. The general chemical we use at home is normally present from 3 to 5 percent.

When we cut ourselves and pout hydrogen peroxide on the wound, the solution actually releases oxygen molecules and, thus, the bubbling appears.

It is incredible to learn so much more uses and benefits from hydrogen peroxide, so we present the full list below.

Note: The majority of these uses refer to a 3% consistency of hydrogen peroxide. Also, the abbreviation ‘HP’, found throughout the list, stands for hydrogen peroxide.


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