These 16 Adorable Dogs Just Realized That They’re Going To The Vet

It always amazes me that dogs will pick up on our cues and seem to know what’s going on. You can usually trick them into getting in the car by promising a car ride, a treat, or a trip to the park, but once they realize that you’re actually taking them to the vet, you’ve totally disillusioned them and they lose their faith in you (which is completely heartbreaking, but luckily they are forgivable creatures and go back to loving you again later on).

My parents always seem to have neurotic dogs, and the one that they have now will ignore you for days afterwards, giving you the cold shoulder if you take her to the vet. She really tries to make you regret your decision.

These adorable dogs just made the realization that “car ride” actually meant “vet visit” and they are not happy about it. Prepare to laugh and say aww as you see their hilarious reactions.

1. The moment of realization

1. The moment of realization
via reddit / firemike28

2. “I can’t believe this is happening”

2. "I can't believe this is happening"
via reddit / katannpat

3. “Let’s sneak out of here. No one has to know. Pleeeaaassseee”

3. "Let's sneak out of here. No one has to know. Pleeeaaassseee"
via reddit / Nessiah1

4. He is SO not talking to you

4. He is SO not talking to you
via reddit / PLUSsignenergy

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