The Watermelon Can Be a Medicine. Read More on How to Use It That Way…

The watermelon is the best fruit there is especially in summer days, but did you know it is healthy too? This fruit has many benefits since it has L-citruline the amino acid that soothes muscles after workouts.

As to a Spanish study, watermelon is great against post workout pains. The study said that this amino acid can speed up the excess lactic acid of the muscles and remove their soreness and itchiness after workouts.

This fruit also has more of this acid than other fruits, with 150 mg in just 120 g of the fruit. Also there is vitamin A, B6 and C and they all improve the kidney work and heart health, also the pressure is better too.

The watermelon seeds are great for dissolving kidney stones

Besides this the seeds are really healthy and you must know this. They have been used also in Chinese alternative healing for kidney stones and for centuries too, since there are minerals like magnesium and potassium too. Get 4 seeds and crush them, boil them in 2 liters water and after 15 min drink the water for the kidney stones.

This fruit has almost no calories and is mostly water, minerals, vitamins and natural sugar.

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