The strange animal that explodes because of coca cola.

The strange animal that explodes because of coca cola  In the world there are many animals absurd that we have never seen, among these we show you one really absurd that has been found by some boys in Japan. Initially the bitten with a stick to see what it was, an animal is very soft and slippery like an octopus like substance. Then they tried to pay the animal a bit ‘of Coca-Cola to understand his reaction. What has happened is really crazy: the animal began to cast out the liquid and then exploded literally! All this seems very strange to our eyes and the video seems reality. Only later it became clear that it was a short film made by these guys, everyone had thought was a real animal because the video looks really well, then he realized that it was all fiction. The first reaction to those who see this video is awe and terror. But if it really existed, you would have scared the face of this strange animal? If he really exploded what would be your reaction? I think most people would run away immediately after seeing the terrifying explosion of the animal . So there is nothing to worry about, there is no animal that explodes in Japan.

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