The New Dance Craze That Some People Are Saying Is Just…

It’s a new fad. A dance craze that’s sweeping the world. The last one we had we maybetwerking. Now? The latest dance that’s on everyone’s lips. Because it’s so damn raunchy – and a lot of fun… It’s called Kizomba.

In truth, it’s not a new thing. In fact, Kizomba as a style of dancing has existed since the early 1970’s. Coming from the southern African nation of Angola, most Portuguese-speaking countries practice this kind of dance in one form or another: Cape Verde, Brazil, Portual (obviously).

It’s an offshoot of ‘Semba‘ and is really taking over. The rapid and alluring hip and pelvis thrusts certainly make Kizomba worth watching, even if you’ve no plans to take part and join in!


Looks fun, huh?


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