THE BOILED EGGS DIET: Lose 11 kg In 2 Weeks!

The amazing boiled egg diet will accelerate your metabolism and burn fat while curbing your daily cravings. It includes eating only a couple of eggs and fresh fruit and vegetables to balance your menu.


During the diet, it’s vital to drink a lot of water. Water keeps our bodies hydrated and nourishes the cells so they can eliminate toxins. The recommended amount of water is 6-8 glasses per day, so you should stick to it. Drinking plenty of water will also prevent cravings and help you lose weight.


The rules for the boiled eggs diet are simple – you should avoid fast food and limit the daily consumption of sugar and salt, as well as sodas and alcohol. The diet can help you lose up to 11 kg. in just a couple of weeks if you’re following it strictly.

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