The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Is Finally Revealed


The Bermuda Triangle has an excellent reputation for making ships mysteriously vanish in the ether, yet from time to time the enigmatic patch of ocean produces something just as bizarrely as it takes them. The most interesting case of such an event occurred quite recently near the Cuban coast. On May 16th of 2016, Cuban authorities noticed a ship near the coast to the west of Havana. The ship was settled near a military zone, so they made efforts to communicate with the ship, but they were met with silence. Finally, they decided to intercept the quiet ship.

When authorities first arrived at the ship, they could tell it was abandoned and quite old. First responders estimated the rusty ship was at least 100 years old, and it was quickly identified as a ship that was lost to the Bermuda Triangle, the SS Cotopaxi. The ship, which was originally a steam freight vessel, vanished in December of 1925. The captain’s logbook was found on board, authenticating the claim. It is still unknown where the ship was hiding for the 90 years it was missing.

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