Teenage Girl Blasted On Anesthesia Swears She’s Choking On A Penls.

Everyone lives such a happy life until one day their dentist delivers the one message they never want to hear: “It’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed.”

Some people are actually fortunate and get to live their blessed lives without ever having to remove their wisdom teeth because they grew in proportionately and straight. The rest of us, on the other hand, get to experience one of the greatest pains we’ll ever have. Now don’t get me wrong, the actual surgery isn’t painful. It’s what you feel AFTERWARDS that causes you the pain.

Thankfully, doctors are nice enough to prescribe us medication to help us deal with the pain. But it turns out this type of medication can make a person out of it.

Take the girl in the video below, for example. She had just gotten out of surgery and started saying many things that she probably wouldn’t say on an average day. And it’s hilarious.

“I’m an old lady, I need my partials”

In the beginning of the video, she starts off with already speaking nonsense. And it doesn’t help that she has gauze in her mouth. What does she mean by partials, anyways?

"I'm an old lady, I need my partials"

justin791986 / YouTube


Then she progresses into some impressive dance moves. Dabbing is an art and she mastered it while sitting in a wheelchair.


justin791986 / YouTube

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