Tattoo Appears To Read ‘I’m Fine’, Then She Stands Up And Shares What Else It Reads

People get tattoos for various personal reasons. It can be a form of self expression, a way to show off unique artwork, or it can have a deeply personal meaning behind it. Some folks still think that tattoos are the domain of tough bikers or salty sailors, but for Bekah Miles, her tattoo means so much more. In fact, it keeps her alive every single day. One post on Facebook was all it took for thousands of people to hear her story.

Depression is a very real and debilitating condition for millions of people all over the world. When Bekah posted a photo of her tattoo, it helped countless that also struggle with depression realize they are not alone. On the surface, her body ink seems a bit boring and mundane. It simple says, “I’m fine.” However, appearances can be so deceiving. The words are actually a very clever ambigram.

This is where the true artistry comes into play. When the words are read upside down, that’s when the real magic happens. This viral tattoo has definitely sparked a few conversations, and Bekah admits she never thought it would go this far. Watch the video below to see the tattoo – and its true meaning – transform itself right before your very eyes! You won’t believe it. Even those without depression can appreciate the powerful symbolism.

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