Surveillance Camera Catches Odd Moment When Doll Comes To Life (Video)


Camera Catches A ‘Possessed’ Doll Moving Head On Its Own (Video)

Creepy Doll

A creepy video has emerged of a little girl’s doll moving its head by itself as the child is playing in the room. In the same footage, in a separate scene, the child witnesses objects being invisibly hurled around the room on their own accord (video below).

The video, filmed on CCTV, depicts a young girl playing with a toy, unaware that a doll sitting on the floor a couple of feet from her is tilting its head to the side and back again on its own, the Daily Mail reports.

In the next scene of the clip, the same girl is seen drawing busily when papers on the table start to inexplicably flutter and move toward her as if caught in a breeze.

She runs away, spooked, but when she returns a moment later, objects are invisibly hurled onto the floor and into the couch next to the table. The table itself is then seen to be “pushed” toward the couch by an undetectable presence. 

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