Stranger Tells Mom She “Spoils Her Baby.” Mom’s Response? It’s Quickly Going VIRAL!


Kelly Dirkes has heard the phrase “spoiled” many times. As a mother, she has had plenty of strangers and friends comment on her parenting methods. Many claim she “spoils her babies,” and they are convinced that they will never learn to be “independent.”

Rather than get worked up over these comments, Kelly often takes them with a smile on her face and moves on. She doesn’t let other people’s opinions bother her. They don’t know the entire story, and they don’t truly understand why Kelly spoils her babies.

There’s a good reason why, and one day, while at Target, a woman commented for the umpteenth time that Kelly “spoils” her babies. Finally fed up with hearing the same phrase over and over again, Kelly took to Facebook to explain her actions.

If only everyone knew why Kelly “spoils” her babies…

Read on to learn why.

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