She uses command hooks in ways I never expected. Here are 17 creative and brilliant ideas


Chances are, you have probably used command hooks before. They are an incredibly nifty and useful tool that you can stick anywhere, and you can always remove them easily without damaging the wall or having to bring out the drill.


While most of us use them to hang coats and keys, it turns out they are far more useful than that. At Shareably, we have compiled a list of creative ways to use command hooks that will make your life so much easier.

Prevent Your Trash Bag From Slipping

It’s frustrating when your trash bag slips off the bin. You have to constantly readjust it, but it turns out, there’s an easy solution. Place a command hook on both sides of the bin to keep the bag in place.


Don’t Have A Trash Can?

Stick two command hooks on the inside of a cabinet door. Then you can hang a plastic bag that can store trash. This is perfect for the bathroom or other locations in the house where you need a trash bin but don’t have one.


Organize Kitchen Cupboard

Command hooks are an effective tool to use to organize your kitchen cupboard. Hang a few on the inside of a cabinet door, and then hang up your measuring cups and spoons. Label them for quick access!


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