She Shows Us A Measuring Tape Trick That Will Definitely Come In Handy… I Had No Idea!

Source: Life hack: 4 helpful ways to use your tape measure by seejanedrill on Rumble

Need to hang a painting? Getting some new furniture for the living room? Want to make sure that new TV is going to fit? At some point in your life, you’ve no doubt used a measuring tape. It’s a very common and seemingly simple tool that we don’t think twice about. And while measuring tapes seem fairly self explanatory, it turns out that they often include a multitude of features that are pretty much invisible to the untrained eye. In fact, there’s actually a good chance that you’ve been using measuring tapes all wrong this whole time. Check out this video by Seejanedrill to learn more about how to use a measuring tape like the pros… you might be surprised by how much you didn’t know. I certainly was!

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