She Put Empty Yogurt Cups In The Center Of Wet Cement. When It Dries? BREATHTAKING!

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She grabbed stuff from her kitchen and then started mixing cement. What she made with them is so beautiful!

Cement is actually a wonderful supply that’s underutilized in the crafting world.

If you’ve never worked with it before, it might seem like an intimidating material that’s only used on large scales, but that’s not the case at all.

It’s actually just a simple mixture easily made by following package instructions, and that’s why Kate Riley from the blog, Centsational Girl, used it to make adorable DIY cement candle holders!

“I knew that cement wouldn’t stick to plastic, so why not use plastic forms from my kitchen as molds for a candle holder?” Kate wrote on her blog post about the project.

She shared with us exactly how she did it, and it worked out so well!

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