She hates a messy fridge, so she came up with 17 nifty ways to organize the fridge

Fridge Bins

Plastic bins are great for organizing things around the house, so naturally, they are great at organizing your fridge as well.


Label Everything

When you use fridge bins, be sure to label the contents to make it very easy to find what you are looking for. This also lets you quickly know what you need to get more of during your next grocery trip.


Reduce Condiment Clutter

Buy squeeze bottles and label them to reduce the condiment clutter in your fridge.


Grab & Go Basket

Add a special basket in your fridge that’s meant for grab & go items like fruit. This should be easy to access for anyone looking for a quick bite to eat.


Binder Clip Trick

Use binder clips on the freezer shelves to help maximize space.


DIY Shelf Mats

Cleaning shelves in the fridge is painful. You have to remove all your items in the fridge just to do it, making it very tedious. To avoid this problem, use shelf mats to make cleanup  a breeze.

Cut plastic placemats to fit the shelf. When you need to clean them, remove the mat and dump them in the sink



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