She hates a messy fridge, so she came up with 17 nifty ways to organize the fridge

Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the home. It’s the storage location for food and beverages. So that makes it very important to keep it clean and sanitary.

If your fridge is messy, then this could lead to all sorts of problems like food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses. You also don’t want to be cleaning your fridge every week, either.


That’s why we have compiled a list of clever, creative ways to organize your fridge and freezer.

Chalkboard Fridge

Paint a chalkboard on the front of your fridge, so you can easily let your family know what’s for dinner. You can find full instructions by clicking here.


Or Use A Dry Erase Board

If you don’t want to paint a chalkboard, then use a dry erase marker to write on your fridge. This can help you keep inventory of your food. Be sure to keep permanent markers away from the area!


Create An “Eat Me First” Basket

One of the most difficult things we struggle with is perishable foods. It’s really easy for us to forget about them when they are in the fridge. To stop worrying about food going bad, create an “Eat Me First” basket where you can place what needs to be eaten first. Now you can will minimize food waste.


Dedicated Snack Zone

If you have kids, they love rampaging through the fridge and leaving a mess just to get their hands on some snacks. To avoid this problem, create a snack zone in your fridge and fill it with healthy snack options like granola, yogurt, nuts, and fruit.


Magazine Freezer Shelves

Transform a magazine holder into an organizing device for the freezer. Flip it on its side, and now you have freezer shelves!


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