She Found The Bed Frame At A Thrift Store And Turned It Into THIS! Now, She Keeps It OUTSIDE!

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The headboard and footboard weren’t going to work for her bedroom, so she used the pieces for this instead and put it on her patio!

Antique bed frames always have really beautifully detailed woodwork.

But, the fact that they are so old sometimes means they aren’t in the best condition, or they don’t really fit the theme of your modern decor.

There is a way to get use out of the old treasure, though, and Lindsay from the blog, My Creative Days, shared one idea she came up with to turn an antique headboard and footboard into the perfect patio bench!

She started with the set that her mom found for her at a thrift store, and she fell in love with the woodwork.


“The bed did have amazing detail, but it kind of gets lost with the dated finish on it,” Lindsay wrote. “I knew this would look so much better painted white, but first we had to figure out how to make it a bench.”

With help from her husband, the first thing they did was cut the top, arched trim off of the footboard that then became the front of the bench seat.


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