She Finds A Lifeless Mother On The Roadside, But When She Looks Closer? I’m SPEECHLESS!

Family Rescues Baby Kangaroo Clinging To Life In Dead Mother’s Pouch

One recent morning, Chloe Enright was driving down the road in Dunsborough, Australia with her children. Suddenly, she spotted a dead kangaroo laying on the side off the shoulder. “Something told me I needed to go back,” Chloe wrote on Facebook.

Good thing she did, because there inside the kangaroo’s pouch was a newborn baby joey. Her mother was still warm, but she was deceased. The joey was clinging to her mom, and clinging to her own life. But instead of driving away and assuming there was nothing that could be done to save the tiny baby, Chloe and her children did the unthinkable — and it all started when Chloe pulled the joey out of her mother’s pouch.

What happened next is nothing short of incredible, and it’s something everyone should see.

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