Rescued Worker Finds A Tiny Angel Crying. But When She Looks Into His Eyes? Unbelievable…

It’s common knowledge that the puppies at a shelter who are most likely to be adopted or energetic and friendly. They stand right up next to the door of their cage and greet the potential humans lovingly and enthusiastically. Well, sometimes it’s possible that the opposite be true. At A Place To Bark, a charity group that handles rescue dogs, a woman volunteer noticed that one particular puppy among these others seemed especially skittish and frightened.

He shrunk away in the back corner of his enclosure, hiding himself away not only from the loud noises of the other dogs but also from the eyes of potential adopters. Well, this woman decided right then and there that she would bring him home herself, and the two have been living together ever since.

Take a look at this video

Now he is social and happy, always ready to play with humans and even with other animals. What a happy turnaround! Share away, people!



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