Rescued Kangaroo Shows Her Gratitude Every Morning And It’s The Absolute Best Thing To See

Kangaroos are Australia’s most famous marsupial, known for their strong hind legs and their unique pouches. They can travel up to 30 feet in a single leap and move up to 30 miles per hour.

Newborn kangaroos, also known as “joeys,” are carried in their mother’s pouch. When threatened, a kangaroo will stamp the ground with their feet and kick and bite their opponent.

They aren’t all aggressive, though. Some are just happy to be alive, such as one kangaroo at Australia’s Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, who is the most affectionate ‘roo her caretakers have ever seen.

Abigail (or Abi) is a 10-year-old female kangaroo who has been at the sanctuary since she was a baby. She’s so happy to have been rescued, she gives her caretakers a hug every day.

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