Never Buy Salt Again To Melt Ice, Use This Simple Mixture Using Common Household Items


The last thing you need is to slip and fall on the black ice on your front steps. Or maybe ice forms on your driveway or walkway. No matter where ice forms around your house, it always poses a risk to homeowners. Even if you’re strong and fit, falling on ice can put you in the hospital before you know it.

Ice melt has become a necessity for all homeowners who want to protect themselves and their family members. But buying the stuff from stores can cost you a pretty penny. Not only is it expensive, but it includes chemical ingredients, which can destroy our environment and ruin your yard.


This year try this DIY mix you can make at home. It’s just as effective and much cheaper. What do you have to lose?

Make a batch of this homemade ice melt before you’re slipping and sliding around your property. It can withstand freezing temperatures and is cheap to make. Give it a shot now!

If you don’t buy ice melt early, you’ll be one of those suckers who gets to the store and finds the shelves empty. Either buy it now or get the three common ingredients you need to make this DIY ice melt at home.

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