Mom’s 7 Babies Are Born 9 Weeks Premature. What They Look Like 18 Years Later? Incredible

World’s First Surviving Septuplets Reach Milestone High School Graduation

If you look back to the year of 1997, you’ll remember some key events: James Cameron’s Titanic made waves at the box office, the world mourned the death of Princess Diana, and author J.K. Rowling first published Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone in the United Kingdom.

But in the United States, in the state of Iowa, a mom namedBobbi McCaughey gave birth to septuplets — the world’s first surviving set.

Bobbi and her husband wanted another child, so they tried conceiving with a fertility drug. When the couple found out they were pregnant, they had no idea that not one, but seven children were waiting to be born.

Doctors advised them to try selective reduction, meaning that they would have to abort some of the babies in order to increase the others’ chance of survival. But the parents refused, and carried each one to term.

Eighteen years later, all the babies are thriving young adults. And this year, they graduate high school!

Now scroll through to see just how far they’ve come…

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[H/T: Daily Mail]

In November 1997, Bobbi McCaughey gave birth to septuplets: Kenny, Kelsey, Natalie, Brandon, Alexis, Nathan, and Joel. They were born nine weeks premature, weighing between two and four pounds. Doctors had advised her and her husband to opt for selective reduction, but they refused. There was a fear that they wouldn’t survive.

But the world got to know each one of them as they grew up before our eyes. Volunteers and friends helped the McCaugheys with their new bundles of joy, and they were even provided with free products for a few years.

Before they knew it, the McCaughey septuplets became the world’s first surviving set, and Bobbi and her family made worldwide news.

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