Mom Takes Handicapped Son To The Store, Then Finds Stranger’s Note On Her Car About Her Parking

When we’re young, we’re taught to never judge a book by its cover. Yet, as adults, we definitely do it all the time. Folks are constantly being judged by appearances despite the early teachings to look deeper than the surface. If you don’t look a certain way, there are specific things that you “shouldn’t” do.

When Nikki Waller and her two kids went to the store one day, they pulled into one of four empty handicap parking spaces. She hung a handicap plaque on the rearview mirror, and went about her business inside the store.

Upon their return to their car, they were shocked to find a note on their car. In addition to being explicit, the note was downright rude. The writer of the letter clearly jumped to conclusions very quickly.

The note accused the family of abusing the handicapped parking spot, since Waller seemed to be in good condition, and there was no elderly or wheelchair-bound senior in their company.

What the author of this note wasn’t able to see were 7-year-old Alex’s ankle braces under his jeans. Without them, he could very easily injure himself due to his juvenile arthritis. Even with the braces, getting around is very painful. The extra steps saved with the handicapped parking space prevents the young boy from a great deal of pain.

Alex and his mother were both hurt by the letter, so much so that Mom posted it to Facebook. They both hope that the attention it’s since received will bring attention to less-visible disabilities.

You can see what exactly the letter said in the video on next page.

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