Kardashian human centipede shirt

Kim Kardashian human centipede shirt
Kim Kardashian Human Centipede shirt

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this collection of shirts by Cleveland, OH company, Rage On!. Except that I agree with their motto as their strangely wonderful shirts truly are “pushing the limits” of fashion.

In addition to the demure image of everyone’s least favorite famewhore, Kim Kardashian getting a little human centipede action with what looks like her sisters (I’m ashamed to admit that I think that looks like Kim’s sister Khloe at the end of the centipede chain), there are a multitude of other bizarre yet cool shirts in Rage On’s! collection that I think you will dig eyeballing. The shirts are an all-over print so according to Rage On!, “people will be able to accurately double take your awesome shirt and confirm their jealousy of you!”

Some images are NSFW – which is code for “you are about to see some fantastic shit.” The shirts themselves will run you anywhere from $50 – $60 a pop.

Ice T, Ice Cube, Mr. T shirt
Ice T, Ice Cube, Mr. T in a tea pitcher shirt

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