It Looks Like An Ordinary Pool — But Watch When It Overflows… AMAZING!

Many people dream of having their own pool. A little private oasis where you can escape the world and simply float under the sun, or a place where friends and family can gather for relaxation and fun.

But for most of us, our own pool is a lot easier imagined than made a reality.

And pools have their drawbacks, too. They take up a lot of space, they don’t always look great next to the landscaping, and then there’s the issue of all those chemicals you need to use to keep the water clean.

Luckily, the bright blue pool liner and heavy chlorine isn’t the only option when it comes to incorporating some soothing water into your home, especially if you’re willing to get a little creative.

Like the clever crafter who turned a rusty spa into a tranquil fish pond, one family in Switzerland decided that if they were going to have a pool, they were going to do things their own way.

Reddit user VonBubenberg shared the photos of the backyard’s transformation from plain grassy rectangle to magical private oasis, all thanks to their creative dad, who spearheaded the project.

What’s more, their pool was created using all-natural and eco-friendly filtering and cleaning systems, so no harsh chemicals had to be used.

Take a look at this incredible pool, and you’ll want to take a dip yourself!

[H/T: Daily Mail]

Back in 2011, when the project was started, the backyard didn’t look like much.

The first step was plotting out where the pool, which was designed to look like a natural pond, would go.

The black-outlined rectangle would be the deeper swimming area, while the curved white outline would be the edge of the wading pond.

If that seems confusing, don’t worry! It’ll all make sense in a moment.

The next step was to excavate. There’s no going back from this step!

As the backyard was dug out, channels and piping were placed for the water to run through the filter system, which would be housed in the garage.

Also, check out that gorgeous glass sun room!

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