If You Ever See Your Kids Sit Like This, STOP Them Immediately. When You See Why… Yikes!

During my younger years, I was always scolded for slouching whenever I sat down. I responded by sitting upright for all of 30 seconds, and then I would return to that ugly slouched position. Yep, my posture was terrible and sadly, it’s not that much better these days. Posture is one of those things that you want to try to fix at a young age by developing good habits and building up the right muscles. And that’s why this video by Movement Rx is so interesting. A lot of kids have a tendency to sit in the “W” sitting position and we don’t really think twice about it. It’s an “easy” and comfortable position because it requires less postural control but apparently it can lead to orthopedic conditions, delayed development of postural control and stability, weak core muscles, and possibly even delayed motor skills, coordination, and balance. Yikes… I had no idea!

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Source: http://www.metaspoon.com

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