If Anyone You Know Buys Almond Milk, Tell Them To Stop – Here’s Why

A handful of almonds is a healthy snack that will give you energy to tackle the rest of the day. They’re full of protein, antioxidants, beneficial phenols, flavonoids and healthy fats. Almonds are a wonderful food that adds nutrition to your everyday diet. But, as a milk alternative, store-bought almond milk is not as healthy as you may think. Many people shell out extra money for almond milk, as it is believed to be a healthy alternative to dairy. However, when you buy that carton – do you REALLY know what you’re getting?

Store-bought almond milk contains more additives, water and sweetener than actual almonds. In fact, the average carton of commercial almond milk contains just a handful of almonds! Researchers found that there was just 2 percent of almonds in the UK almond milk brand Alpro. The rest is made up of water, sweetener, carrageenan (a thickening agent), and and added A, E, and D vitamins.


Flickr/Harsha K R

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