His Daughter Set Up The Video Camera. When Justin Timberlake’s New Song Began To Play, I Was Overjoy

There are numerous amounts of dance videos available across the internet, ranging from talented to adorable to downright hilarious. There is one father daughter duo, though, that has got the viral dance video process down to a science. In 2014, they went viral with their “Shake it Off” sensation, as well as their video dancing to “Whip/Nae Nae” that also got millions of views. Now, 31-year-old father Josh Rinder and his 6-year-old daughter Audrey are back at it again, creating their own video for Justin Timberlake’s latest hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

The father daughter duo from South Carolina have their dance parties on a regular basis, and love to upload them to YouTube for all to see. The sassy pair have funky dance moves that compliments perfectly with their outgoing personalities. Both of them are even sure to dress the part, as Audrey is in a sweet pink dress and Josh matches with a loud plaid pant and a polo shirt.

Alongside their epic dance moves, the pair even start miming some of the lyrics to a literal point, as well as lip syncing all the best bits. Josh even makes sure that Audrey gets a few solo moments to make up some moves on the spot.

Millions of people have already viewed the video, but they aren’t the only fans of the dancing father daughter duo. Justin Timberlake himself has even responded to the video, tweeting it out and saying “Ok. This just got real! This is the cutest damn thing EVER. Enjoy!”

Both Josh and Audrey are flattered that Timberlake himself responded to their dance skills, but they said they really just do these videos for a fun bonding experience.

“Our date nights can be anything from going to eat at her favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, to setting up the camera and dancing like no one is watching,” Josh admits.

We can’t wait to see what future videos the pair have in store for the future!

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