Here’s What’s Inside Snapchat’s New Video Camera Sunglasses

Snapchat’s Spectacles, shades with a camera inserted in the casing so you can take recordings, are extremely popular right now. Accessible for $130, however just from candy machines that appear indiscriminately (or for way, an abundant excess cash on eBay), the camera specs are as of now far trendier than Google’s disastrous Glass would ever want to be. In any case, what are they, precisely? It just takes one sets and a Dremel to discover without a doubt.

In the wake of getting their hands on a couple of the glasses, the people over at What’s Inside took to slicing a couple down the middle to make sense of what’s truly going ahead in there, and the answer is very straightforward. The specs have two yellow circles at the top, outside edge of every edge.

One of these holds the camera, which shoots the video that plays in an abnormal, roundabout viewpoint proportion. Alternate holds the lithium-particle battery and (likely) the Bluetooth slices that interface the edges to your telephone. The two units are joined by a copper wire going through the casing, so ensure you don’t snap them into equal parts!heres-whats-inside-snapchats-new-video-camera-sunglasses1

WATCH: Here’s What’s Inside Snapchat’s New Video Camera Sunglasses


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