Here’s how to make these awesome DIY nightlight – They’re perfect for kids’ rooms


With winter in full swing, it’s not only cold but it is also much darker outside. We are seeing less of the sun as it is setting much earlier than we would like. This causes our energy bills to rise as we are not only using the lights longer, but we are also turning on the heater more often.

This is a huge headache to deal with for those of us with young children. For instance, my children are terrified of the dark (I definitely don’t blame them) and they often ask me to leave the light on longer so that they can feel safe and comfortable before they sleep.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading. Recently, I came across the perfect solution to this problem, and it will save a lot of money on the electric bill.

One Mom had a similar situation, and she came up with a fun little DIY project that solves this. She went out to her local arts and craft store, purchased $5-$10 worth of supplies, and created glow stick night lights for her kids.


To create this awesome nightlight, you will need the following materials:

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