Here’s how to knit a giant, cozy blanket in just under 4 hours

Duct tape

Step 1) Firstly, create your knitting needles by using your duct tape to make the “buds” at the end of each PVC tube so that you have something to stick your loops over and grip the wool.


Step 2) Now, with your knitting needles, the technique is much the same as if you were using smaller versions of these utensils (knit one-Pearl two), just this time you will also get a workout! About 24 loops across makes a decent blanket size, and then you can begin working down to begin constructing your blanket!

Step 3) For extra durability, when you are finished you can “seal” the edges by using the end of the chord and weaving it in and out of the loops that make up the edge and seal it off when you run out by tying a loose knot, the weave should hold it in place! Enjoy!

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