Here’s how much sleep you need according to your age


Sleeping for too long can cause a glitch in your metabolism and make it store energy instead of using it. There was even a study conducted on the subject. The study involved two groups of participants who had similar exercise and diet regimens but had different sleeping habits. One group slept for ten hours a night while the other slept 8 hours. It was concluded that the participants in the first group were more likely to become obese than the participants in the second group.


Depression can have a big impact on your sleeping pattern. It can be manifested by oversleeping or insomnia. About 15% of people who suffer from depression are sleeping excessively. Furthermore, oversleeping can have a negative impact on the mental health and prolong the recovery.


If you sleep in more often than you should you might have noticed frequent headaches and it’s no wonder because sleeping too much can damage the neurotransmitters. It can cause poor quality of sleep and headaches.


Excessive sleep or the lack of it can hamper your body’s ability to process glucose and if your body can’t process glucose you are at risk from type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance. A study that analyzed the everyday habits of 276 people for six years revealed that those who slept less or more than the recommended were more likely to develop impaired tolerance to glucose and diabetes compared to those people who had normal sleeping habits.

Heart disease

We are all well aware that our heart needs its rest as well as its exercise to maintain its proper function. Too much or too little of either one can have some serious consequences. It’s even been scientifically proven that people who sleep more have a higher risk of coronary heart disease compared to people who sleep the average 8 hours a night. This was revealed in the Nurses Health Study which involved over 72 000 subjects.


This is still under research but there is strong evidence suggesting that people who sleep more than 9 hours a night are at a higher risk of dying on account of some medical condition compared to those who sleep 8 hours on average.


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