Here’s how much sleep you need according to your age


We all know that we can’t function properly without a good night’s sleep because sleeping is essential for good health, both mental and physical. However, even though the lack of sleep can be health detrimental, excessive sleep can also have negative consequences. Just like everything else, the answer lies in the middle. Everything is good in moderation you just have to find the golden middle!

How long should you sleep?

We all know that as adult we should get about 8 hours of sleep every night, but this is not enough for all ages. Children under 18 should sleep more while the elderly are recommended to sleep less. So how can you know how much is just enough?

The National Sleep Foundation has designed a chart which shows the latest recommendation on how much sleep we need according to our age. It’ based on a number of studies and researches by leading scientists in physiology, sleep and anatomy as well as neurology, pediatrics, gynecology and gerontology.

We all know to sleep in from time to time or spend an odd night tossing and turning in bed, which isn’t serious if it happens occasionally. However, it shouldn’t grow into a habit because sleeping too much or not enough can lead to some serious health issues. We’ve compiled a list of 7 most important reasons why you should be careful in regards to your sleeping habits:

Back pain

Back pain is a pretty common problem many of us face nowadays and it can really affect your quality of life negatively. It can be quite intense and render you unable to move or get out of bed. One of the reasons behind this could be excessive sleep. It makes you more prone to back pain because it weakens your back muscles. Instead of sleeping in, opt for some low-intensity workout routine to strengthen your back muscles.

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