Here Are The Secret iPhone Codes No One Knew About. Until NOW!

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like our iPhones are our own personal assistants? These are some of the things an iPhone can do for you:

  • Give reminders
  • Siri can answer all your questions about, well, anything!
  • Organize your meetings


Did you know that you can block your caller ID so you can make anonymous calls?

And that’s one of the least cool things that it can do for you! Check the rest out:

1. Block Caller ID: Punch in #31# before you dial a number, and the person you’re calling won’t be able to see that you’re the person calling.

2. Get a precise signal strength: Dial *3001#12345#. This will bring a list of options. Ignore all of them and hold down the power button. Once the power screen pops up, press the home button until the home screen appears. This will change the bars signals to numbers. Between -40 and -80 is a strong signal, below that is a bad signal, and if you’re around -140, you are one lucky dude.

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