Her Son Wouldn’t Stop Interrupting, Then Mom Learned This Easy Trick – This Can Help Any Parent


Children are what make us parents. They are the greatest gift life can provide us. Children make our lives joyful, entertaining, and worth living.

But every now and then there are moments where our children can really get on our nerves. They come to us at the most inopportune times. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem.

It’s actually really easy to teach your children not to interrupt you, and it all starts with your hands.


Kate, a Mom blogger at An Everyday Story, loves to share parenting tips she has learned along her journey as a mother of two. In a recent blog post, she says she was visiting a friend when her friend’s son suddenly interrupted her. Rather than get upset, her friend immediately did a simple gesture and the child paused.

“Instead of interrupting though, he simply placed his hand on her wrist and waited. My friend placed her hand over his to acknowledge him and we continued chatting.”

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